Alfajores de maicena

We absolutely love alfajores in Argentina. Usually they are cookies which we sandwich together with dulce de leche (or other fillings!) and cover in chocolate or meringue. Today’s alfajores are very different though! Maizena is the most well known brand of corn flour in Argentina and the word has become a synonym of cornflour inContinue reading “Alfajores de maicena”

Empanadas arabes

Empanadas arabes may not be originally from Argentina but we have adopted these empanadas as one of ours and are so popular that they are now part of our traditional Argentine cuisine. Empanadas arabes originate from the Middle East and were most likely brought to Argentina in the late 1800s and early 1900s through aContinue reading “Empanadas arabes”


Titas are one of Argentina’s most favourite snack and I absolutely loved these when growing up! You can buy a tita in every corner shop and are a staple of Argentine sweet snacks. Titas are lemony biscuits filled with a light lemon filling covered in lovely dark chocolate! They are ridiculously easy to make andContinue reading “Tita”


WHO DOES NOT LOVE PIZZA!! In Argentina, pizzas are extremely popular but for a country that loves meat, one of our most popular pizzas is a fully veggie pizza!! Fugazza is simply made from a pizza base toped with LOTS of onions, mozzarella and dried oregano. There is no tomato base and was ‘invented’ inContinue reading “Fugazza”


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I am Sofia and I am originally from Argentina (as you have probably worked out!) and I have been living in the UK for the past 18 years – I moved when I was 12 years old and have yet to completely shift the accent!

I started the argentine kitchen to share recipes of argentine food you may not have heard of- our culture is a great medley of different cultures and cuisines and therefore there is a lot to offer and share and yet is not very well known!

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