Titas are one of Argentina’s most favourite snack and I absolutely loved these when growing up! You can buy a tita in every corner shop and are a staple of Argentine sweet snacks. Titas are lemony biscuits filled with a light lemon filling covered in lovely dark chocolate! They are ridiculously easy to make andContinue reading “Tita”

Tarta de ricota (Ricotta pie)

Silky, creamy and ridiculously yummy! This delicious tarta de ricota is perfect for anyone who loves cheese as much as me! As many other Argentine’s recipes, tarta de ricota reflects our strong Italian inheritance and through the many years has become an Argentine staple pie itself which you can find in most bakeries. Tarta deContinue reading “Tarta de ricota (Ricotta pie)”

Chocotorta (Chocolate biscuit cake)

Chocotorta is THE most popular birthday cake in Argentina (torta is cake in Argentine Spanish), loved by all – children and adults and no wonder why, it is a super chocolatey, creamy, indulgent cake! Back home, chocotorta is the go to cake as it is essentially a no-bake cake (how amazing is that!!) It usuallyContinue reading “Chocotorta (Chocolate biscuit cake)”

Masas secas (Argentine butter cookies)

Masas secas literally mean ‘dry dough’ which lets be honest is not the most appetising of names BUT essentially are the most delicious buttery cookies ever. Masas secas are rather fancy in Argentina and therefore you often have them for special occasions and special meriendas (tea time!). There is something extremely special about making yourContinue reading “Masas secas (Argentine butter cookies)”