Polenta con tuco (polenta with beef stew)

There are certain meals which represent specific seasons and polenta con tuco to Argentines signifies winter comfort food! Polenta con tuco originates from Italy (like a lot of other Argentine foods!) and is extremely popular in Argentina and other South American countries. Polenta is made from fine corn meal and is a staple from northernContinue reading “Polenta con tuco (polenta with beef stew)”

Stuffed pumpkin

Back home in Argentina, we clearly love stuffing vegetables with different fillings and this is particularly good as pumpkins and squashes are extremely common and popular! As a child, I grew up eating stuffed pumpkins, butternut squash, round courgette, peppers and tomatoes! The most common filling contains mince however veggie fillings are also popular. ThisContinue reading “Stuffed pumpkin”

Ham and cheese AND humita empanadas

Last week was my husband’s birthday which meant making lots of party food (although it was only 6 of us!). These two types of empanadas are PERFECT for parties as the two fillings are super duper easy to make and absolutely delicious! The two types of empanadas we are making are: Humita and Ham &Continue reading “Ham and cheese AND humita empanadas”

Bifes a la criolla (Argentine beef stew)

It is not a secret that I LOVE a good stew, particularly when the weather gets chilly and wetter! This traditional argentine stew is just absolutely perfect – healthy, cheap, filling, heart warming and a ONE POT DISH!! 🙂 Bifes comes from the English word ‘beef’ and criollo is a Latin American who is ofContinue reading “Bifes a la criolla (Argentine beef stew)”

Zapallitos rellenos (Stuffed squash)

I absolutely love Autumn! I love the rainy, cooler weather and the opportunity to eat amazing comforting warm food!! This recipe is a take on an absolute Argentine classic and perfect for this time of year! Back home in Argentina, courgettes are round (imagine the shock when we came to the UK and saw theyContinue reading “Zapallitos rellenos (Stuffed squash)”

Niños envueltos (steak rolls stew with rice)

Niños envueltos (pronounced ni-nios en-vu-el-tos) always made me smile as a child as it is literally means ‘wrapped up children’. Obviously no children are harm in the making of niños envueltos, instead they are steak rolls, filled with veggies and bacon and then cooked in a lovely tomato stew with rice! The niños envueltos areContinue reading “Niños envueltos (steak rolls stew with rice)”

Fugazzeta (argentine stuffed pizza)

Argentines definitely are very big on ‘go big or go home’ and this fugazzeta completely shows this! Fugazzeta is an argentine pizza stuffed with LOTS and LOTS of cheese (both mozzarella AND brie), ham and then covered with a second pizza base and plenty of crispy onions and more cheese!! I honestly have no ideaContinue reading “Fugazzeta (argentine stuffed pizza)”

Milanesas napolitana (Italian style beef milaneses)

Milanesas is one of THE national dishes of Argentina and there are many different versions. Originally we make them with beef (the closest beef cut in the UK is topside) but chicken is also popular. Vegetarian versions such as soya milanesas and aubergine milanesas are becoming more popular too. Milanesas napolitana, although it sounds Italian,Continue reading “Milanesas napolitana (Italian style beef milaneses)”

Guiso de carne y fideos (beef stew with pasta)

This argentine beef stew with pasta called guiso de carne y fideos (guiso is pronounced giso) takes me back to my childhood instantly and it is absolutely to die for! It is healthy, filling, super easy to make AND a ONE POT DISH! Guisos are stews which can be made from different type of meat,Continue reading “Guiso de carne y fideos (beef stew with pasta)”