Tarta de carne y verduras (beef and veggies pie)

Meat tartas are very popular in Argentina and I love making different types. As a child, I remember my mom making many different types of of tartas (pies) very often. It is easy, healthy and delicious comfort food! Argentine tartas are usually done in a large round baking tray (and therefore are not individual ones!).Continue reading “Tarta de carne y verduras (beef and veggies pie)”


Humita (pronounced u-mee-tah) is a native south American dish eaten throughout Argentina, Chile, Peru, Boliva and Ecuador. In Argentina, it is an extremely popular native dish eaten during our patriotic festivities and winter time. The name comes from the Quechua name for this dish – humint’a and it is dish based on corn. Traditionally thisContinue reading “Humita”

Tarta pascualina (spinach and ricotta pie)

After a very busy two months of eating non stop ahead of Christmas, come January, we all want to eat more healthily and a lot more veggies! This recipe is perfect for this time of year – yummy and warm yet light, packed with green and completely veggie! Tartas (the Argentine equivalent to pies) areContinue reading “Tarta pascualina (spinach and ricotta pie)”

Matambre a la pizza (Steak a la pizza)

We are nearing the end of 2020 and what a year it has been! Celebrations will be rather different as well as we will all be staying at home and therefore we need the perfect recipe – something fancy but at the same time warm and comfy for a stay at home celebration. Matambre aContinue reading “Matambre a la pizza (Steak a la pizza)”

Matambre arrollado (Argentine stuffed brisket)

When translated literally the word ‘matambre’ is formed from two words – ‘matar’ and ‘hambre’. ‘Matar’ means to kill and ‘hambre’ means hunger. Therefore when we put the words together, ‘matambre’ literally means hunger killer– which is extremely true! Matambre in Argentina is a cut of beef which is thin and comes from the cow’sContinue reading “Matambre arrollado (Argentine stuffed brisket)”

Canelones de carne (beef cannelloni)

I know you are going to say ‘surely Cannelloni are Italian and not Argentine’ and you are not 100% incorrect however Argentine version, canelones are NOT exactly the same as Italian cannelloni and therefore certainly earn their place in the Argentine kitchen! By now, I am sure that you have noticed that I often writeContinue reading “Canelones de carne (beef cannelloni)”